Tupac Shakur Songs : That’ll Forever Rule the Rap World

Tupac Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996) born as Lesane Parish Crooks―also known as 2Pac―was an American rapper and actor. He is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the best-selling rap/hip-hop artist ever, having sold over 75 million albums worldwide, including 44.5 million sales in the United States alone. 2Pac rapped on every subject―good and evil, war and friendship, life and death. If it was worth discussing, he rapped about it. He was never scared to speak his mind. His fearlessness and resilience is also what kept him at the top from his debut as a rap artist to long after his death in 1996. Till date, he continues to reign supreme.

Here’s a look at his top 10 greatest songs.
California Love (1995)
This song sung by 2Pac, featuring Dr. Dre and Roger Troutman, … Read the rest

Melodious Ancient Roman Musical Instruments

Music has been a part of every land known to mankind. The ancient civilizations had their own music which was independent of any influence and was usually an extension of their history and the nature around them. The Greeks set the bar very high with regards to culture and folklore, but the Romans weren’t too far behind. Let’s look at the music in the life of the ancient Romans.

Musical Instruments of Ancient Rome
Wind Instruments
String Instruments
Percussion Instruments
Despite having been a powerful empire, it is quite unfortunate that as compared to the ancient Greeks, there is not much evidence of the history of Roman music. One possible explanation could be the suppression of music and musical instruments due to its presence in everything pagan by Christianity, once the Roman empire embraced it as its official religion. It … Read the rest

Take Care Musical Instruments

It is a well-known fact that taking care of a musical instrument is considered an essential part of learning to play that instrument. Proper care of musical instruments helps to consistently maintain the quality of their musical output. Musical instruments vary in their size, usability and manufacturing material. Depending upon these characteristics, the methods applied to take care of different instruments differ.
Caring for Wind Instruments
Wind instruments are those instruments that can be played by blowing air through their channels. Some popular wind instruments include flutes, saxophones, clarinets etc.


Never pick up the musical instrument by the keys. Ensure to hold the instrument at the two ends when removing it. The same care needs to be taken when replacing the instrument back after its use.
The channels of wind instruments tend to catch moisture due to the air … Read the rest

This Brief Biography of Mozart

Mozart: The Early Years

One of the widely appreciated prominent musical maestros to have lived, Mozart was born on January 27, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria to Leopold Mozart (a business-minded composer, violinist and an assistant concertmaster at the Salzburg court) and Anna Maria Pertl.
Mozart was named Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Gottlieb Mozart in honor of his grandfather (maternal) and a Saint, Johannes Chrysostomus with whom he shared his birth date. Being born and brought up in a family where music was in the air, and was life and dreams of everyone, Mozart was naturally attracted towards music.

From his childhood, Mozart learned and developed immense interest in music. When he was just 5 years old, Mozart started composing small and beautiful melodious numbers. Looking at his children’s musical talent, Mozart’s father decided to use this opportunity to showcase the talent … Read the rest