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The Different Types of Flutes

For those who think the flute is relatively modern (in terms of thousands of years), think again. The flute, in fact, has been documented as the oldest instrument of melody made by man. This comes from an archaeological discovery at the Ach Valley of Southern Germany, a flute made of bone that can be dated back by 35,000 years! After more excavation, it was concluded that the Ach Valley was quite the artistic hub back in the day. Of course, they probably had a different definition of what ‘Rock’ would sound like. Get it? Rock? No? Okay, Back to flutes, I have categorized them according to the way they are played, their shape and size and their period of creation. That makes for 9 types of flutes in all.
Flutes by Culture and Shape
Based on their home, the flutes are as variegated as they come. Click on any image to get an enlarged view of them.
The Panpipes
Panpipes flute
It consists of about 5 pipes in general, each pipe differing in size. The Panpipes(or pan flute) are completely flat at one end, with the other ends of each pipe trailing off. The different lengths of the pipes give out different notes, so instead of a single pipe with holes in it, you get multiple pipes with no holes.

The Panpipes are considered to be a folk instrument that originated from Greek culture. These type of flutes are linked to the Greek god Pan, hence the name Panpipes. Records of the instrument have been found through manuscripts and archaeological digs in places all around the worlds, from Central America to India.
The Ocarina
Ocarina flute
The instrument is too unique and simple, yet sounds amazing in its own light. The Ocarina is simple to make, easy to play and the fun can last for a lifetime. The English Pendant Ocarina can have just four holes for fingers and still get an entire octave! The instrument may have been globally available, but it was nowhere as famous or as widely used as it was in Japan. ‘The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time’, anyone? The game has to be the biggest reason for its comeback. The Ocarina’s charm is in its simplicity, the pitch gets changed simply by controlling the air flow inside the Ocarina where it keeps banging against the walls. The two basic types would be the pendant type and the chambered type. Small, simple and easy to use, the Ocarina is the definition of music that can be played anywhere.


Spotify was all the rage overseas, and this year, it finally came to America. At first, it was an invite-only service, but now it is open to the public, and mostly free. Spotify is a really great service that allows you to not only choose the music you want to stream to your computer, but also to make playlists and share music with your friends. Its streamlined integration with Facebook makes social networking with your music even easier.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is an Internet-based music streaming service that allows you to choose what music you want to listen to, when you want to listen to it. The service is free for anyone who wants to download it, and most anything you would want to listen to is available. To be sure, there are some tracks and albums that are unavailable due to restrictions from the music labels, but you will be hard pressed to find something you want to hear that isn’t available for streaming. Once you find what you want to listen to, playing it is as simple as a double click on the album or track title. Spotify also offers biographies of artists within the artist profile, as well as a list of related artists to continue your musical journey. Spotify also offers Artist Radio, which is very similar to Pandora Radio, another free, Internet-based music service that picks music for you based on your interests and choices. The final difference between Spotify and other music services is that, while it is Internet-based, it requires you to download Spotify software to your computer. This opens up a player similar to iTunes, that is much easier to use than an Internet site.

What Makes Spotify Different From Other Music Sites?

Spotify is different from other music sites like and Pandora in that it allows you to choose whatever music you want to listen to, and you can listen to it for free. With sites like Pandora, you create a radio station and “like” or “dislike” certain tracks so the program knows your preferences and can pick music you’ll want to hear. With Spotify, you can listen to an entire album or just mix up some tracks you love into a playlist and listen to whenever you want.

Spotify and Facebook

Along with the novelty of choice over what you listen to, Spotify is heavily integrated with Facebook. Your Facebook timeline will update automatically every time you listen to a track, and your friends can click on the track name, which will take them to their Spotify account and allow them to listen along with you. Similarly, you can check out what your friends are listening to and discover some awesome new music through the people you know the best. If you are listening to something really great and want to share it along with a comment, you can do that, too. Post links to your favorite tracks on Twitter and Facebook, along with your comments and recommendations.

Aiming to Become a Music Producer

Try to gain common musical knowledge, as it would certainly help you in music-related problem solving. Research on music theory and composition, which would enable you in determining errors if the music does not sound right. It is a good idea to gather an understanding of songwriting and lyric writing. Listen to all types and genres of music, and try to determine different musical instruments played. Also pay heed to the sound mixing techniques. This may be of great help when working with sound engineers to improve the sound quality of music composed.

Try to obtain knowledge about the actual recording process. There are various sound recording and mixing software available which you can use to get the basic idea of how sound recording and mixing is done. The basic education needed for a music producer may be offered at several colleges. You may learn audio engineering from a reputed institute or a certified training school. There are some universities which offer majors in music production and audio engineering. These courses generally include technical know-how relating to sound equipment, mixing consoles, monitors, main speakers, microphones, pre-amplifiers, digital effects, etc. You would also be trained on how to work on sound-related software.
Once you have the necessary skills and technical know-how, it’s time to jump into the music industry. Experience certainly plays a very important role in this sector. Start searching for trainee jobs in recording studios or production firms. Such jobs generally have a low income, but they help accumulate the needed experience. You may have to work for extended hours and even on weekends. Initially, you may be offered jobs of office assistants in the recording facility. You may also be handed the responsibility of arranging sound equipment for musicians.
After you have adequate experience, start searching for a band who is looking for a music producer. Attend musical concerts and try to get information on such bands. After finding a band, offer to produce an album at a discounted rate, as you are new to the music production field. Guide the band to produce good music, and continue with your job. When you are experienced enough, try your hand on starting your own recording studio. Get hold of the necessary equipment, and start a studio at home or at a rented space. Rent it out to musicians and make good contacts with bands. Doing so, should help you in networking with various bands and musicians, which in turn, will have a positive effect on your music business and music production career.
These are some tips that will guide you in becoming a music producer. Just remember that a strong liking for music and good networking with music professionals, are two of the most important things for fulfilling your dream to be a music producer.

An indie bands list that hardcore fans

Artists/bands are able to release live material or limited editions of their work online; that would be a little heavy on the expenses if it were done the traditional way. Artists/bands can also have their own websites to promote their music and sell it at a price of their choice. In this write-up, we look into the indie bands list, and delve into how most of them have transcended the barriers of the commercial music scene in the music business.

List of the Best Indie Bands

Indie music bands started during the punk rock era, where a cornucopia of independent labels thrived during the 1970s. Given below is a list of good indie bands, that fans of the music genre should check out. These top indie bands have made it through the years, as some of the best there is in the independent music scene.

Fugazi (1987-present, hiatus since 2002) (United States)
Known for being a do-it-yourself ethical band when it comes to business – meaning they function by doing things themselves without having someone else, who is more knowledgeable about the situation, do it for them. They have the perception of being able to do things, that one doesn’t think is possible to accomplish. They infuse styles of reggae and funk, taking their inspiration from bands like Queen and Led Zeppelin.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor (1994-2003, 2010-present) (Canada)
A post-rock band, that was on hiatus around 2003, but returned to the music scene in 2010 by appearing in the All Tomorrow’s Parties music festival in the UK. They’ve been touring in the past month of August in Glasgow, Manchester, Paris, Bristol and London. The band experiments with versatility by shifting genre styles from post-rock to avant-garde and even progressive rock and classical music.

Joy Division (1976-1980) (United Kingdom)
Labeled under punk rock, the band was short-lived when Ian Curtis, the band’s frontman and guitarist, died, where the rest of the band members formed again as ‘New Order’, achieving success on a commercial level. The band’s music revolved heavily around the Nazis, primarily to honor the memories of their grandparents’ and parents’ sacrifices during World War II. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Moby and even bands like U2, draw inspiration from Joy Division to this day. A documentary was made on the life of vocalist/guitarist Ian Curtis, from his wife’s biography ‘ Touching From a Distance’, where the documentary (Control) was screened at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.

Hüsker Dü (1979-1988) (United States)
The band initially started off on hardcore punk, shifting their music style to alternative rock by turning down the heat with melodic influences from their usual upbeat thrash style. The band briefly broke up, after the suicide of their manager David Savoy, from tensions caused within the band. They later then came together and reformed in 2004 at a benefit concert, although it ended at the concert, without a long-term reunion in mind. They’ve influenced a lot of alternative rock bands with their melodic college rock and hardcore punk sounds.