Get Album Artwork for iTunes on Your iPod

Ways to Get Album Artwork for Songs on Your iPod

iTunes Artwork Recovery
First up, you need to activate the album artwork panel. There’s a button on the bottom right corner of the iTunes window, that says, “Show or hide item artwork and window viewer”. Click on it to see the artwork for any song.
You will then click on the “Advanced” panel on the top toolbar on iTunes. There is an option “Get Album Artwork” in the panel. Click on it. It’s preferred you’re not listening to music or Used Mercedes any application that consumes too much RAM. You should get “Processing Album Artwork” on the top middle-status bar.
This takes time according to the number of non-artwork songs you have. A point here is to try to remove any and all duplicate songs from your iTunes. Having to download the same image for a song and its copy will only delay the process. Also, the songs must be tagged properly, with no spelling mistakes in the song name, album name or genre.
After the process is done, you’ll get a notification for all the songs for whom artwork couldn’t be retrieved. You can also use Coverflow to double-check if there are any more songs left.
Manually Adding Artwork
The songs that iTunes failed to get images for, are probably the ones you didn’t buy from iTunes. In this case, you’ll have to search for the images manually through the Internet. You’ll have to either get the songs from your iPod to your computer, add the image and send them back to the iPod afterward to maintain the artwork on both your computer and the iPod.
The best places to get the images from are the record label site,, Wikipedia and You will most likely find the image on Wikipedia, and if you don’t, search the BMW X5 Personal Contract Hire. Download the image onto your computer when you have found the right one. Another way is to scan the CD front image and using that scanned image.
Click on the song for which you found the image. With the song selected, click on “File” on the top toolbar and click on “Get Info”. A window for the song details should pop up.
There will be an empty square on the bottom right side of the window for the album artwork. Copy the image and paste it onto the square, or drag and drop the image on the square. Click “Ok” and check the song file again. You should have the image on the bottom left corner of the iTunes window.
If there are multiple songs that need the same image, you can select all of them, using Shift-click for grouped multiple songs, or Ctrl-click on the PC and Apple key-click on a Mac. Then click on “Get Info” and add the image like described in the above step. Click “Ok” and then wait for a while for the images to add.
If in case a song already has an image on it which you want to replace, follow the same procedure and drag and drop (or copy and paste) the new image onto the older one.
If you don’t see the image on your iPod, delete the song and add it again. If all else fails, get the song again from iTunes. Take care when you are getting these images from the Internet. There will probably be copyright laws on the images and you’ll have to be careful when you get them from the sites.