My Music is on a Music Streaming Service Now

I started singing in high school. It was because I was crushing on a girl, and I joined the school play to get closer to her. Well, I did not get her in the end, which is fine, but I did learn that I actually enjoy singing. I had amazing support from my friends and family, and I have been growing ever since. I have a lot of my songs on a video streaming platform, but I knew my next step had to be different. I decided to buy music plays on Spotify because it is the music app that most of my friends use.

I knew if they were using it that much, then other people throughout the nation and world were too. I did some research and found a company that would help me get my music played on there. They have a really good reputation in doing what they say they will do. That might seem obvious, but never company that provides this service is solid like that. I had five different packages that I was able to choose from. I like that there was a variety because not everyone needs or wants the same thing.

The basic package has 5,000 plays on it, and the highest package has 35,000 on it. The ones in the middle offered 7,500, 10,000, and 25,000 respectively. It did not take me any time to know that I wanted the premium package. The more people hear my songs, the more of an impact it will be. I have done cover songs that are on the video platform, but I wanted my original music to get out on the music app. It was easy to get this started, and I am still overwhelmed to know that my music is being heard all around the country right now!