Take Care Musical Instruments

It is a well-known fact that taking care of a musical instrument is considered an essential part of learning to play that instrument. Proper care of musical instruments helps to consistently maintain the quality of their musical output. Musical instruments vary in their size, usability and manufacturing material. Depending upon these characteristics, the methods applied to take care of different instruments differ.
Caring for Wind Instruments
Wind instruments are those instruments that can be played by blowing air through their channels. Some popular wind instruments include flutes, saxophones, clarinets etc.


Never pick up the musical instrument by the keys. Ensure to hold the instrument at the two ends when removing it. The same care needs to be taken when replacing the instrument back after its use.
The channels of wind instruments tend to catch moisture due to the air blown through them when they are being played. This moisture can affect the internal surface of the instrument and create cracks in them, thus affecting the quality of the music emitted. Similarly, internal moisture may lead to fungal growth in the channels of the instrument.
Always use a clean cloth to clean your instrument. Usage of damp wiping material in any way should be avoided.
If the instrument is supposed to be assembled before its usage, then ensure that all joints are cleaned before they are assembled. The musician may also apply grease in very small proportions on corks if required.
Avoid consuming food before playing a wind instruments as there is a high chance of food particles being blown inside the instrument when playing it. This not only affects the quality of music emitted but makes the instrument unhygienic.
If there are any joints in the instruments held together with screws, ensure that they are adequately tightened.
Every once in a while, take your instruments to the repair workshop to ensure that the instrument is perfect. You may opt for some professional help in getting your instrument cleaned.
It is recommended that you clean and wipe the mouth piece of these instruments just before and immediately after using them.
Caring for Brass Instruments
Brass instruments are popularly used as band instruments. Some popular brass instruments include trumpets and trombone.
Brass instruments are generally easily dismantled. However, if a certain cork is tight do not force the screws of the cork to open. Always opt for some professional help.
These instruments once dismantled can be washed with some warm water to remove dust particles inside the instrument. Use a soft cloth to dry the instrument. You may dry the instrument thoroughly in a cool dry place without direct exposure to sunlight.
Take care to grease all valves of the instrument with a special valve oil before reassembling the instrument.
Avoid usage of chemicals such as brasso to shine your instrument as these chemicals tend to leave a sticky feel on the instrument’s surface.