The best tips for being a violinist

The violin has always been considered one of the least accessible orchestral instruments, both for its price and its difficulty.Many try to fight against this reality trying to democratize the music of the day to day. In addition, new forms of learning have appeared in recent years.

Today there are many types of adult violin lessons to learn music, improvisation, music training, improvement, positioning of the hands, solfege, integrate the national conservatory or just to put aside the bad habits we have acquired.

Completely autonomous, thanks to the Internet, with manuals, with private classes or at the conservatory. You are the one who decides the form of learning that suits you best.

How to learn to play the violin alone?

Do not you have any music school or conservatory in your area? Do not you know anyone who can teach you the basics of solfeggio or teach you how to play the violin?

There are many reasons why some music students end up depending on their own self-taught ability. Either by own choice or by obligation, learning in a self-taught way can end up being a great option to get started in the world of music.

When you want to learn adult violin, sometimes it can be difficult to find a music course that accepts us, since the violin is usually learned as a child and sometimes tends to think that you can only learn when you are young.Although it is easier to learn to play musical instruments when you are a child, it is not impossible to start being an adult.

First of all, set yourself a goal and design a good planned program. To be a violinist, what counts most is the time you spend with your instrument. Of course, do not even think about giving up before the first difficulty. Your motivation will depend on the time you spend playing the violin.

This instrument is famous for being one of the most difficult to handle. There must be a reason! Beginners are still beginners for many years until they manage to master a piece perfectly.In addition, learning to play the violin in a self-taught way is not something that everyone is capable of. It is better to know each other well and know if one can start a complicated learning in a self-taught way. Perseverance is the key because it will not be easy every day.

Definitions to learn violin

The violin is a four-string musical instrument. The strings are rubbed with a bow unlike the guitar where the strings are played by hand, for example. It is placed between the chin and the shoulder.

Definition of solfege

Solfeggio is a technique to learn music. It is a universal language used by musicians to read notes and compose songs. Nowadays, it is taught more in conservatories.

Definition of quartet

A quartet, in the classic sense of the term, is a group of four musicians: two violins, a viola and a cello.