Wonderful Tips on Writing a Love Song

Love – almost everything we say, hear and read about this magical feeling sounds true to us at some point of time in our lives. Everybody falls in love, from the guys in riches to those in rags, from the most beautiful to the most simple looking girl. Love is for everyone. It comes out from around the corner, it beckons like a small child, and soon you are too attached to the child; you just can’t abandon it, you just can’t let go! But ask someone to express his/her feelings for his/her love, and we are befuddled! Voice cracking, throat drying up, concussion, something’s stuck in your wind-pipe, you just lost all your vocab! It happens to the best of us – the most talkative ones, the most outspoken ones, the bold ones.

Then, we look around for songs, greeting cards, that would explain what you feel. But all fail to hit the bull’s eye. But you know what? The next best thing to someone coming and telling you how much they love you is someone writing a song for you and singing it out to you! Music has never failed to tug at man’s heart-strings. There is a reason why girls melt when they hear Bryan Adams say ‘Everything I Do, I Do It For You’ and a reason why a guy knows she is the one for him when he hears Norah Jones asking him to ‘Come Away With Me’…
There is a Song for Every Time!

Being in a relationship is like a roller-coaster ride; no day is the same! Everyday is a new adventure, a new feeling… and if it doesn’t feel that way, act fast! Writing a song for someone to express your love for him/her is something that is really special, and that is sure going to earn you brownie points! But you cannot possibly commit your undying love forevermore and for always on the very first date! Every occasion calls for a special kind of song, they can NOT all be the same! So if you have decided to write a song for your love, I suggest you plan properly as to when and how you want to sing or recite him/her the song. Below are a few occasions that call for a nice, romantic, mushy love song, and how to go about writing one to that effect! (NOTE: For every occasion, I have quoted a song that may act as an inspiration when you sit down to write your own. The choice is strictly personal!)